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About Our Pastor

First Lady Jillian Thomas


Emmanuel Apostolic Church Portmore

Is recognized as a truly gifted and anointed woman of God.  She is better known for the direct, down to earth and contemporary manner in which she conveys the Word of God to her audience.

Evangelist Jillian is the First Lady of the Emmanuel Apostolic United Church of Christ and Co-Pastor of the Portmore branch, where she labours alongside her husband, Bishop C. Everton Thomas.  In addition, she spear heads the Women’s Ministry and also holds the office of Counselor.  She is a dynamic Praise and Worship leader.

A Blessing to Women in Need

She displays a spontaneous drive to help women in particular, to find their true sense of purpose and potential. This is demonstrated via the example she represents as a successful business woman from as early as age twenty-four (24); as well as the many women seminars in which she had either made presentations or has hosted.  Her prominence as an entrepreneur has expressed itself in the ministry in which she has led numerous fund-raising projects and socials with rewarding economic gains.

The statement – she is a giving woman – undersells the reality as many have testified of her willingness to offer support to others, be it financially, spiritually, emotionally or by just being there to listen to the cry of a broken heart.  In fact, all the knowledge experience and ability she acquired, ranging from her high school years at Woolmer’s Girls, her tertiary level at Howard University, or her years of actively representing Jamaica in swimming worldwide, and her time at JABI, have all been collected and used as tools to enhance the ministry.  The newly established Oasis, which is a home she has founded, is a home established to provide temporary housing for women while helping to empower revive and restore them.

The Hallmark of Success

The hallmark of her success lies in her humility, commitment, and proactive thinking. She is undoubtedly a strong kingdom builder with a large thirst for the Word of God and as such one of her favorite pass time, next to shopping, is collecting and listening to, or watching preaching tapes.

Pastor Thomas is a firm leader, who balances the well needed softer touch of motherhood to her two adult children, Brandon and Tiffany and the new addition to the family, Chontal and Jewel and Sabastian, her grandson, with still amply time left to embrace the drooping shoulder of the preacher, her pastor, as well as time to minister to and love her husband of 37 years ... time to be the “Preacher’s wife”.

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