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Planning a visit? What to Expect

Visit Our Location

Breaton Parkway, Naggo Head, Portmore, St. Catherine

What to Expect

To help alleviate any apprehensions you may have in regards to visiting our congregation, we would like for you to know what you can expect when you visit our services: We generally follow as the Spirit of the Lord leads, however, we have our program that for each Sunday service.

Things to know 

Prayer | Scripture Reading | Praise & Worship | Offering

We always begin each service with an opening prayer followed by the reading of the Word, then our praise and worship session. You can expect us to pray over your request before the Lord and bless the congregation. Also the announcements will be read so that the congregation may be informed of all upcoming events, and other important matters pertaining to the Church and members.

We take up a free-will offering as well as the tithes each Sunday. As our guest your contribution is entirely voluntarily.


Planing to visit? Get in touch with us 

We are looking forward to seeing you 

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Thanks for contacting us we will get in touch with you.


What's Here For You!

HERE – We identify with you and your needs

HERE – There is Ministry that you can participate in

HERE – We allow you to worship & praise Jesus   

HERE – We give the opportunity to develop your faith

HERE – We teach you about Christ the God of the Bible

HERE – We focus on people and assist in fulfilling dreams

HERE - We believe in the development of the total Man 

HERE – We believe in the well-being of all believers

HERE – We are not perfect but we are being perfected

The Preaching of the Word

The Word of God is preached, this will be that Word our beloved Pastor receive form our Precious Lord Jesus for the congregation. Accurate and relevant Bible teaching is an important practice is in our assemble. We believe in the spiritual authority of Holy Scriptures for everything that we do as Christians, and as a Church. The Bible is the inspired Word of God, and it is all that we use to determine our practices and beliefs.

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