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Why Visit Us?

Are you searching for a place of fellowship?

Who We Are

Emmanuel Faith Fellowship is a dynamic and vibrant God-centered church that seeks to connect people to Jesus Christ and to each other, embrace their membership within God's family, develop them for their purpose in the world, in order to glorify God's name.

Pastor Jillian and I thank God that you have taken interest in this Church. We believe that it is within God’s plan that we should come to know you and be part of your life as you also become part of ours.

Please note that we intend to serve you well, but it's important and necessary for you to participate in our services and ministries relevant to your needs.

It is our prayer that you will grow in your calling and purpose and experience God's closeness in our worship services, especially through our inspiring praise and worship and relevant messages from the Word of God here in Emmanuel.



Our goal is to teach the truth found in the Bible in public, study and private, and embrace it as a moral and spiritual compass to help us navigate through life.



Building strong relationships and loving one another is the greatest testimony of the reality of Jesus Christ in the world today. This also contributes to spiritual growth.


We have many priorities: one of the main ones is that we go into all the world and make disciples

Here at Emmanuel we practice the Biblical principles given by Jesus in the New Testament for life and Godliness.

We are therefore:

Warmer through fellowship! | Deeper through discipleship!

Stronger through worship! | Broader through ministry!

Larger through evangelism!

Our emphasis is on building people, transforming lives!

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