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  • Bishop T -Everton Thomas








My Question: "GOD what are YOU saying to the church through this coronavirus pandemic?"


GOD’s further revelation of what we need to do, both as a church and as a nation:

“Because of who you are, MY people, because I have called you and sanctified you … to whom much is given much is required.”

HE said, “Yes, the world has its own responsibility, the world will have to do what it needs to do; governments will have to do what they need to do. But, as the church goes, so go the world. That’s why I made you the salt of the earth and the light of the world. MY people, you have turned away to your own ways, you are walking after your own lusts.”

And, HE brought the seven deadly sins to my memory. The sins of:

Lust – We wallow in the lust of the flesh. HE said, “MY church, you are wallowing in the lust of the eyes. You are wallowing in the pride of life and the stench has reached MY nostrils.”

HE said, “Gluttony, has become such a normal thing for you, MY people. The amount of food you waste and throw away could feed the hungry ten times over; but gluttony has become a way of life.”

Greed, HE said, is something the church has become absorbed with. And, greed will cause you to do things you shouldn’t do, to acquire things you want.

GOD said to remind this church that slothfulness is not to be named among HIS people. As a church, we have become slothful and our true purpose and our true call, our true mission in this world…goes away and other things take priority and precedence.

GOD says, “MY people, come back to me.”

He says, Wrath,” as one of the seven deadly sins, “is even perpetuated in the church. And, men and women of GOD who should know better are not doing better, but are perpetrating wrath and wrathful thinking and ideas.”

GOD says, Envy should never be named among you.” And as people of GOD, we are so envious…envious of one another…envious of those who have been blessed, not recognising that your time is coming…and these are sins that block the move of GOD…and these are sins that stop the move of GOD.

And, GOD said, “I am going to get your attention with this plague.”

The final of the seven deadly sins – Pride. Oh my GOD… As a people of GOD we have become so proud, we walk in pride. GOD says, “Enough is enough. It’s time to fall on your face repent, reset, realign.”

Thus saith the LORD.

GOD has spoken, let the church say, “Amen!”


And so, as I continued hearing what GOD was saying to the church, Psalm 33 was brought to my mind and especially verses 14 & 15…let’s go from verse 13…

Psalm 33:13 - 14

13 The Lord looketh from heaven; he beholdeth all the sons of men.

14 From the place of his habitation he looketh upon all the inhabitants of the earth.

I thought to myself, when I was preparing for the word today, how that on August 03, 2019, I was selected to bring the word at the National Independence Service marking 57 years of Jamaica’s independence as a sovereign state. In my message to the nation, with the Prime Minister and other government officials present, I used as the title for my message, “Freedom to be Free”. Implicit in that was, if you were paying attention, is that we may be free from foreign domination but we still are not necessarily free. We have been made free, but it’s to be free. We have been freed from something; now we must be free to something.

I tried to make it very clear because independence gave us freedom to actually become free…really free.

And, so today in my message that the LORD gave me for the nation on ‘RESET’, I wish to use parts of that independence message as a reminder of what GOD said.

While the central theme of Psalm 33 is praise, it uncovers GOD’s sovereignty in this praise. But, HIS divine sovereignty and providence is what we are focusing on today, as far as what GOD is saying.

As an island, Jamaica, with its independence forever ingrained in our thoughts, we understand GOD’s providence in dealing with the evil among us and how that GOD has repeatedly, in spite of the evil among us, HE has again and again overlooked the evil in us and worked through our deeds. But, there comes a time, beloved, when GOD says, ‘enough is enough’.

Psalm 33:13

13 The Lord looketh from heaven; he beholdeth all the sons of [Jamaica].

I am focusing on Jamaica right now…GOD has prophets/preachers all over the world. My assignment now is to Jamaica and this is a message for the nation.

So, when GOD helicopters over Jamaica, HE has to see, in principle, what we see. So, HE sees the white sands of Negril… HE sees the brown sands of Ochi; HE sees the light grey sands of all the bays, HE sees the deep dark grey sands of Morant Bay… HE sees the dirt of St. Catherine and, yes, HE sees the clay of St. Elizabeth. He sees the igneous rocks all over this island … Have you ever flown over, especially from Montego Bay into Kingston, at a low altitude and seen all those rocks – the igneous rock, the metamorphic rocks, the sedimentary rocks? God sees the marl at Sufferers’ Heights…

But inside that circle of a panoramic view are the hearts of Jamaicans … JLP and PNP... And I speak to the nation today because GOD can never be pleased when I have to hate you because you subscribe to a different political party…when you have to kill because someone does not subscribe to the party that you subscribe to. And all of this is going up in the nostrils of GOD.

GOD said, I made you as brothers, I made you as sisters. Who gave you the right to take somebody’s life? GOD looks at this…HE looks from HIS holy habitation and HE sees what’s going on.

Jamaicans to the second degree because we first hold allegiance to the flag and for which it stands. So when we sing: “Eternal Father bless our land, Guard us with thy mighty hand” … what we are saying as a people, as an undivided people, ‘out of many, one’, but it has become anything but united.

If you are watching in other parts of the world, this is true of your country too, but I am assigned to Jamaica. You can apply as you see fit.

We hold allegiance to the flag and for what the colours stand. From the place of HIS habitation the psalmist says, HE looketh upon all the inhabitants of the earth, of Jamaica.

I say to Jamaica today, we have gone off track. We are not living as a united people. We live like enemies of one another. We kill and maim… We destroy… We tear down one another’s character and we destroy people’s credibility.

GOD cannot be pleased with this. GOD is not pleased with this. As a people, GOD gave us a mandate. GOD gave us a pattern… HE put Adam and Eve in the Garden and HE said, “Be fruitful, multiply, replenish and subdue; take dominion.” (Genesis 1:28)

GOD placed us here to build up economies and develop our nations that the people of the world would be successful. But, instead, sin crept in and we have become prey to the enemy. Now, we have sown to the wind and we are reaping the whirlwind (Hosea 8:7).

Our Eyes are on YOU

The coronavirus … I don’t think GOD put it on us, but GOD is using it to get our attention. If you have not turned your eyes upon HIM yet like Jehoshaphat when an invading army was about to destroy them when they were (the army) was much greater than they were as children of Israel. Jehoshaphat said, “LORD, we have no might against this army, but, O GOD, our eyes are on YOU.” (2 Chronicles 20:12).

“GOD, we have no might against this COVID-19. We can’t stop it. The scientists don’t even know where to begin; but our eyes are on YOU! Help us, GOD! Have mercy GOD! Mercy!”

And yet, I hear GOD saying, “Yes, you need mercy, but you need a lot more than mercy. You need justice among yourselves. You need honesty among yourselves. You need truthfulness among yourselves. You need peace among yourselves.”